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1. Prohibits:

1.1. Using profanity against any participant and / or any other object.

1.2. Threats to any of the participants. Also banned any "dispute" on forum.

1.3. Appeals for violation of the current legislation, racist statements, inciting ethnic discord and everything else that falls under the criminal code.

1.4. Flood and offtopic in thematic sections.

1.5. Any advertising.

1.6. Spreading false information, defamation.

1.7. Posting links to pornographic resources.

1.8. Placing links to pirated software.


2. Not welcome:

Although the Internet allows people to remain incognito, try to adhere to the basic rules of communication in society. Thus, you will make the forum more enjoyable not only for themselves but also for others. Forum visitors will be grateful. It is considered bad manners :

2.1. The use of profanity.

2.2. Leaving messages written in transliteration.

2.3. Creation of identical threads.

2.4. Create topics with a suggestion to discuss the article, or any other text information, while publishing a reference to the article, not the article itself as a quote.

2.5. Posts consisting only of smilies or senseless words.

2.6. Messages or headers that consist of a single capital letter.

2.7. The placement section and/or topic (they will be moved by moderators to the appropriate section). The abuse of this factor, the topic will be simply deleted.

2.8. Several messages in a row (don't forget that if you forget to give some representation, not necessarily "flood", you can edit your message and/or add to it).

2.9. Artificially keeping the theme alive with messages like " what, no one is interested?".

2.10. Overquoting-quoting posts by this user exceeds the extent necessary for understanding the meaning.

2.11. The transfer of the discussion to a new topic without the necessary for understanding the quotes from previous Messages.

2.12. Create topics with titles that do not reflect the essence of the message body, e.g. "have a question", "problem", "come on, it's fun" etc. Try to briefly state in the title that the reader will see in the message.

2.13. Personal correspondence on the forum. To clarify that interest only you and your interlocutor parts use personal e-mail.

2.14. Respect the language you speak. Everyone understands that typos are inevitable, but when a message contains a dozen errors in five words, there is no desire to read such a text. If suddenly it happened that you are a nice person, but all the lessons of the Russian language fell ill at school, then use the useful service "word check" on the site http://www.gramota.ru~.

2.15. Unfair methods of conducting discussions in the form of "twitching" statements of interlocutors, editing/deleting their own messages in order to distort/hide their original meaning, as well as provocations aimed at the participants of the conference, as a result of which these rules can be violated.

2.16. No flooding. If you itch the language and you just wanted to flog something off-topic, go down to the first floor to the entrance, there you will always find a couple of talkative old women. Recent topics too frequent responses, consisting of: "Well, OK", "lol", "gg", "you know", "you", "cool" etc.

2.17. Create topics on the forum with questions on the activation of our courses, any technical problems with them. It is faster to solve your problem by e-mail than on the forum.

2.18. Removal. The removal of an application is at the discretion of the forum administrator a request for such action is considered by the moderators and forum administration. The Council reserves the right to reject such a request if it considers that the branch has a positive impact on the development of the forum.

3. Use of signatures and avatars

3.1. Each user can set their own avatar and signature.

He agreed, however, that pictures of the avatar will not contain any obscene elements and will conform to the General rules of the forum.

3.2. Avatars must not contain bright, contrasting colors, sharp eyes and distracting.

3.3. Signatures should not be more than three lines at a resolution of 800x600.

3.4. Signatures must not contain offensive or obscene language and must comply with the General rules of the forum.

3.5. Signatures must not contain images.

Users who are considered to be abusing (in systematic violation without good cause) these items will be significantly restricted in the use of the forum.

4. Use of private messages.

The use of private messages is available after the user types 10 messages in the forum.

5. On forum welcome to the era:

5.1. Friendly attitude to other forum participants.

5.2. The posting of any information relating to sections of the forum, for example articles.

5.3. Any advice, questions, assistance in the appropriate sections of the forum.

5.4. Placement of links to interesting resources of the network on the subject of the forum.

6. Rights and duties moderators and administrators.

6.1. The moderators of the forum in the first place, must comply with the rules of the forum.

6.2. Moderators have the right to remove, edit, move or close threads in violation of forum rules.

6.3. Some topics the moderators can allow some deviations from the rules in the context of specific topics and the forum in General.

6.4. Administrator actions in contrast to actions of moderators are not subject to discussion.

6.5. Make the decision on placing of the advertising information can only administrators of the forum.

Administrators and moderators will attempt to remove all messages that do not comply with forum rules, but they still cannot be Viewed. Each message expresses the personal opinion of the author and forum administration is not responsible for their content.

By registering on the forum, you agree that you will not send messages containing obscene, vulgar expressions, expressions containing threats or violating criminal and administrative laws, as well as violating the rules of morality and public morality.