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  1. Greetings; Our paint protection film business activity began in 2007 and since then we have used various suppliers. As installers, we are very often asked by other installers – “What type of film do you prefer in your work and what kind of film can you recommend to us?”. To determine what type of film is best suited for our work we decided to create a few topics, each of them accompanied by a small test. The reason why we posted these topics is because Internet has no reliable and independent information regarding these topics. We say the information is independent, because we didn’t give any preference to one or another manufacturer, and we are not an official representative, distributor or dealer of any manufacturer. We are installers, similar to many others. We have no specialized or precision laboratory-scale equipment and in our tests we are using locally available material. That’s why, please, do not pass judgment on us. In the first test, from the array of manufacturers we picked the paint protection film market leaders and made a few measurements: the thickness of the in-situ urethane paint protection film; thickness of the urethane paint protection film with glue lay and thickness of the whole product with underlay. In the second test we measured film durability and after that – film chemical resistance. The current test is related to film yellowing (blooming) in a natural environment. Virtually all manufacturers warrant that this will not happen for at least one year. We tested products of 5 manufacturers, unfortunately, without XPEL this time. 3М VentureShield Avery Dennison Nano Fusion KPMF PPF 82205-UV Orafol Oraguard 280 Sharpline DuraShield+ So we decided to do a pilot test of the film in the harsh climate of St. Petersburg. The test was conducted during winter, complete with dirt and chemical reagents... As test cars we chose 2 white cars – an Opel Astra and a Mazda 6. The films were applied to them the previous autumn, to be more accurate – in October and November respectively: 1. VentureShield – Opel Astra (fenders) 2. NanoFusion – Opel Astra (hood) 3. KPMF 82205UV - Mazda 6 (hood) 4. Oraguard 280 - Mazda 6 (fenders) 5. DuraShield+ - Mazda 6 (mirrors)